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  Tournament Rules
*All under Belt divisions will use 5 point system. Two points awarded for kicks. 1 point for all hand techniques. Black Belt Divisions - 7 point match.

*Legal targets in all divisions are above the belt only.

*Dipped foam Head, Hand and Foot protectors and mouth guards are mandatory in all divisions.

*Shin guards are recommended for everyone. Groin protectors are mandatory in all male divisions. No tape will be permitted on the striking surface of safety gear.

*Contact Rules: In lower belt competition, points will be awarded for controlled (not fully extended) techniques to the head which comes close enough to score (with adequate power and focus). Head contact is not necessary to score a point. Four inch rule is in effect. However, if touch contact is made to the head gear, the attacker may still receive a point. No face contact allowed. If the contestant’s head is snapped back from the force of the blow, the contestant struck will be awarded a penalty point. Or if the judges determine that there was too much force in the blow, regardless of the visual effect, they may award a penalty point or call for disqualification. Light to medium contact is permitted for body points. Must have both feet in bounds to score a point. In Black Belt competition, light head gear contact is allowed. Only slightly harder contact will be permitted in the division than in the lower belt divisions. If contact is excessive, penalty points and disqualification will be awarded. However, such decision will be made by a majority of judges - “acting” by the competitors will not be considered in the decision. We urge contestants not to pretend to be hurt simply to gain sympathy or to receive a penalty point, but to conduct themselves in such a way as to lead the spectators to believe that karate does develop a sense of “toughness.”

Rules Infractions
  1. Attacking illegal targets.
  2. Using illegal techniques.
  3. Running out of bounds.
  4. Falling to the floor to avoid fighting.
  5. Continuing after being ordered to stop.
  6. Pushing, cursing, or vindictive conduct.
  7. Gross disrespect to judges or opponents (a player’s friend, coach, or fellow student may cause penalty under this rule).
  8. Continued negligent or reckless attacks.
  9. Coaching from competition floor.
  • For under Belts, any of the above infractions will first result in a warning, and every subsequent infraction a penalty point will be awarded to the opponent.
  • Black Belts will not receive warnings, and penalty points will be awarded on the first infraction.
  • In any case involving excessive contact or unsportsmanlike conduct, the competitor will be disqualified.

Forms will be judged on a 6 to 10 basis, using decimal places 6.10, 7.21, etc. Three competitors will do their forms before any scores are given. In Black Belt division the low and high scores will be thrown out, middle three will be added together to determine the winner. The underbelt divisions will have 3 judges and all scores will be added to determine final winner. If a contestant impresses a judge, he will receive a high score; if he depresses a judge, he will receive a low score.

If a contestant forgets his form, he may start again with a one point deduction from each judge’s score. The second time he forgets, he is disqualified. If there is a tie between two contestants, they will perform another or the same form to determine the winner. Black Belts will do a different form to determine the winner. In the event of a third tie, the judges will point to the contestant they felt won.

If there are gymnastic movements in the form, the judges will not add points for these movements, but may subtract points if the gymnastic movements are not executed according to the criteria of a form competition. The criteria for this competition are rhythm, balance, timing, speed of movements, but not the complexity of the entire form. In other words, a lower belt who executes a Black Belt form will be expected to do the individual movements as well as a Black Belt in order to receive a high score.

General Rules

*No Black Belts, under any circumstances, will judge their own students in sparring competition. If a contestant realizes that his instructor is judging him, he should point it out so that he will not be disqualified.

*Each judge will have one vote. Points will be determined by the majority of those who are in the position to see the technique.

*Protests and disputes - If a contestant, or his coach feels that a rules infraction occurred, they will approach the center referee politely, and explain why they feel such an infraction has occurred. Any protest must be settled immediately, not after the bout is completed; if the person protesting the call does it belligerently, the center referee has the right to not listen to the protest and to disqualify the contestant.

We will not permit any unprofessional, unsportsmanlike conduct that may mar the event.

Additionally, only cheering is permitted from the stands. No jeering or negative comments will be allowed. If anyone harasses the referees calling them names, such contestants or members of the contestant’s studio may be disqualified.

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